This is one of the very first things I talk to my couples with kiddos about... 

Your children need to SEE you hug, kiss, hold hands, flirt, compliment each other, sit on each other’s laps, laugh together, support one another, resolve conflict, etc. If you have a solid relationship then in turn your children feel more secure in the world. Not only that, but when you are truly happy in your relationship then parenting feels easier because you have the emotional energy needed to pour into them. It’s a win win!

YOUR relationship is the model of what they will come to expect in their own romantic relationships.  It’s 100% healthy for your kids to know that your partnership is a priority - take trips, do date nights, stay up late just to talk, run errands just you two... whatever you have to do to WATER YOUR RELATIONSHIP. 

After all, you and your partner are where it all began. Isn’t the ultimate goal for you to not just be barely breathing as a couple, but to be THRIVING at the end of the child rearing years as you watch them embark upon adulthood and in turn you snuggle up TOGETHER in the empty nest with a satisfied sigh!?!? That vision has a much higher probability of happening when you water your relationship along the way - your kids will thank you later, no matter how grossed out they are now. ;)