If you are tired of the status quo of your marriage or relationship, why not try something different?

We ALL have stages in our lives when an outside, professional perspective along with strategic communication tools are helpful.

As a couples counselor, I’d love to work with you on the areas in your life you'd like to change for the better as a couple.

specialty AREAS

  • Couples:

    • Dating

    • Premarital

    • Marital

    • Blended Families

Specific questions regarding services?  Feel free to call me for more details.

I offer evening/weekend appointments.

Jill Simpson, LPC Relationship Expert & Marriage / Couples Counselor  - 816.674.7893

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Working with couples holds a special place in my heart, as they are the reason I decided to become a therapist in the first place.

Couples are the core of a family and their relationship with one another is the most important aspect of a healthy family dynamic. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of improving this crucial relationship, no matter what the issues may be. 

Second marriages/blended family couples are a specialty of mine.