This is one of my absolute favorite mantras! It is probably the one I repeat to myself the most in life. In fact, I apparently say it so often to my friends and family that one of my dearest friends said, “You should write about this Jill.” Great idea! 

The good news is that this mantra works for so many areas of our lives. Work, relationships, personal goals, mundane tasks around the house, etc. That’s precisely why I love it so dang much. 

Now this mantra doesn’t have to only be used with the BIG things in life... the little things can benefit from this mindset as well. 

*A personal example of a little thing... 

My closet is the one area of my house that I flat out let myself 80%. I’m a recovering perfectionist and years ago a wise woman told me that you simply can’t 100% everything in your life. I must say it’s a much happier way to exist. So I took that advice when it came to perfecting my closet - but if we are being real, I had been allowing my closet to be more like 35%. 😬

Week after week I would beat myself up over the thread bomb that was my closet and I made every excuse in the book to justify it... until I sat down in the middle of my pile of apparel and had a heart to heart with myself. If I wanted different, then I needed to DO different! So I put a DIFFERENT plan in place... New plan = If it takes less than one-minute then I will put it away right then and there, versus chucking it on the floor. Simple! Me, myself and I are back to being friends with my 80% organized closet. 

The same logic goes for the bigger things in life. Stop making excuses, be honest with yourself about what you want and make a plan to ensure it happens! After all, according to Einstein (smart man) insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results - so IF YOU WANT DIFFERENT, DO DIFFERENT!!!