Control what YOU can control

I can’t tell you how many frustrated clients have sat in my office, wishing a relationship they had was different... if only the other person would see the error of their ways and change. When I see a recurrent topic in my sessions, I am compelled to share it with you.

My typical response:

Let’s flip this for a minute and focus on what you can control in this particular scenario.

No one is going to change unless THEY want to, so instead of doing the same thing and expecting different results let’s talk about what YOU can do differently. If you want different, do different and sometimes that means looking in the mirror at what changes you can make. Although hard to do, it’s a really good place to start when your hope is to provoke positive change relationally.

In all relationships the smallest tweaks in how we react to each other can make a BIG difference. Take a deep breath before responding then be thoughtful and intentional with your reaction. Worth a shot, right? 😉