The fear of the "what ifs"

A huge part of our daily mental battle is ACCEPTING the reality of what is in front of us and trying our best to truly take it all one day at a time. This struggle is real for me, folks - and it comes up daily in my practice with clients as well. Can you relate?
Then read on with your worrying self...

The thing is when we feel intensely about something the odds are that we are doing everything we possibly can to ensure the best possible outcome with the cards that have been dealt. Let's find peace in that fact and let the "what ifs" go - knowing we have controlled what we can control. Thinking ahead into the future only makes it feel much more overwhelming, plus worrying simply gets us no where. Be present, focus on the NOW and accept the things we can not change. I know this is all much easier said than done but the more we practice it the more second nature it becomes. Practice makes perfect people!

How do we put this into action? One way is to recognize that pesky worry wart thought as it is happening, imagine catching it and throwing it out of our brain before it makes itself at home! It's not welcome there and soon enough it will get the hint and stop knocking at our door. The goal is to immediately replace that thought with a hopeful one and be on our merry way. After all, there is no way to truly know how it will all turn out in the end - so why waste our energy trying to figure it all out?